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Now is the perfect time to repair and remodel your fur garments getting them ready for this winter...

Fur Coat Recycling

Recycle an old fur into something new and useful. Call us and inquire about our fur teddy bears, pillows and fur vests all made from your old fur coat. We are a full service fur repair shop. Anything to do with fur we can handle.


Furs are a seasonable business. Keep this in mind when repairing, altering and restyling your fur coat.

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  • The fur coat designers at have decades of experience. You can rest assured we will care for your fur as if it were one of our own. Not all fur coats can be reworked into a new style due to age or poorly cared for furs. You will get an honest opinion before we do any work on your fur coat. Our business is based on repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. We are not happy until your are happy.

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